Pray For France!

Each year, Impact France coordinates our Pray For France Campaign. It’s free to participate and when you register, we send you a 21-day prayer guide and regular updates on God’s work in France!


What Is The Pray For France Campaign?

Every year since 2001, thousands of French people have interceded for France during the weeks before or after Easter through the Pray for France (an initiative of Impact France).

We collaborate with French ministry partners to create and distribute a 21-day prayer guide written by the French to share a clear and comprehensive picture of God’s work in France. Click here to access all of our past prayer guides.

In recent years, renewed prayer efforts have multiplied throughout France and have created a steady stream of intercession for this nation.

We invite YOU to join us on our divine mission!

Help Us Spread The Gospel In France

Join the prayer campaign today to digitally band together with other brothers and sisters in the unity of the Holy Spirit and intercede for France, according to Matthew 18:19.

How To Get Involved

Please ask God how He would have you pray and give today to support Impact France and the ministry partners we serve.


During the campaign, receive a free prayer guide (in French & English) and weekly e-mails with encouragement. The rest of the year, we send important updates on what God is doing in France.


Tell your friends, church leaders, and other Christians about Pray For France & encourage them to register. Let’s join our brothers and sisters in the unity of the Holy Spirit and intercede for France.


This campaign is only possible because of generous gifts to Impact France, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to mobilize prayer and facilitate giving to native French ministries.