2024 Prayer Guide


Dear friends,

Welcome to the 2024 Pray for France campaign!

Every year, around September, our team seeks the Lord about what he wants during these three weeks. This becomes our “theme,” and the Lord has surprised us over the past four years by showing us how He has been building, mobilizing and preparing His army for the spiritual warfare that is taking place in France. Looking back, here’s what we have seen:

2020 – Preparing the way 
We had the impression that the Lord was asking us to “get ready.” Little did we know that the preparation for the road ahead would involve COVID!

2021 – A new day
When we finally came out of the pandemic, it was a new era, a new day, a new season, a new time. It was upon us, and we were part of it. We didn’t know what it would be like exactly, but we knew this day was NEW.

2022 – Be strong and courageous
In 2022, we received images of a battlefield. We were called to go to the battlefield, and to do so, we needed God’s strength and courage to say “yes” and start moving forward.

2023 – God with us
As we went out onto the battlefield, the core of our preparation was this understanding that victory comes from Christ. God with us, in us and through us –      that was how we should position ourselves in the battle. 

This year, we feel that God has led us to pray for unity

“It is not for them alone that I pray, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, so that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, so that they too may be one in us, so that the world may believe that you sent me.” (John 17.20-21)

Based on your feedback, there is a new format to Pray for France, so how can you use it to pray?

  • There are 3 weeks of prayer, each with its own theme verse:
    • Week 1: 1 Corinthians 12:12-13  
    • Week 2: 2 Timothy 2:     1-2
    • Week 3: 1 John 3:16-18
  • These 3 weeks are defined by 7 themes, all connected to a part of French society:
    • Theme 1: THE FRENCH CONTEXT 

With this information in mind, all you have to do is follow the guide, praying daily for each topic.

As the Olympic Games will be held in France just after the end of this campaign, we ask you to pray for unity between all the different ministries that will be sharing the love of Jesus during this period. May we know each other, love each other and be ONE as He is ONE!

In Christ,

David Broussard
President, Impact France

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April 7 – Fondation Oïkonomia

WEEK 1 April 7-13, 2024. Lavender field in south of France at sunset.

As we begin WEEK 1, please keep in mind our verse of the week: 1 Corinthians 12:12-13

“The body forms a whole yet has many organs, and all the organs of the body, despite their great number, form a single body. The same is true of Christ. For whether we are Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, we were all baptized into one Spirit to form one body, and we all drank from one Spirit.”


Fondation Oïkonomia – Le Havre (76), Étienne Lhermenault

Current context

Unlike other countries such as the USA, in France, only churches can receive tax-exempt donations. All other Christian organizations are powerless to meet the immense needs of French society. 

What’s more, since Covid, poverty and socio-economic disparity have increased, with currently 14.5% of the population, or over 9 million people, living below the poverty line.

In response to these needs, the Oïkonomia Foundation was created in January 2023 to support and promote projects for the common good as a concrete expression of the Evangelical Protestant value to serve our neighbors. Since then, it has been recognized as a charitable organization, raising and distributing funds to help evangelical organizations in five sectors: society, medicine, humanitarian efforts, education and culture. 

From an organizational point of view, the foundation’s board brings together 15 people from 10 different church agglomerations and some 20 evangelical organizations. This diversity enables it to be attentive to the complex reality of the evangelical movement and to bring together all its members. The foundation also manages two facilities for the elderly, a collective-stay hotel and a project for young children. 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023

The foundation was established and received:

  • State approval for the creation of the foundation (the result of a 3-year process).
  • Financial support for a dozen evangelical organizations. 
  • 90,000 euros to help evangelical organizations.
  • Funds to take the first steps in establishing a place where we can work with children: an intergenerational mini-preschool and a specialized kindergarten for children with special needs.

Projects in 2024 

This year, we hope to launch a fundraising campaign in order to increase our ability to support more evangelical organizations, and in 5 years we hope to launch two new projects: one focusing on early childhood and another to welcome people who have fallen on hard times. 

Prayer topics 

1. Pray for our foundation’s board and permanent staff to wisely manage the projects they have launched and the funds they distribute.

2. Pray for the launch of the mini-preschool, the special-needs kindergarten, and the collective-stay hotel.

Further information

Foundation website: www.fondation-oikonomia.fr

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April 8Government and politics

Protestant Evangelical Committee for Human Dignity (CPDH) – Strasbourg (67), Franck Meyer

Current context
The CPDH lobbies public and political authorities to promote Biblical principles that God has established for human flourishing. The CPDH runs campaigns to raise awareness and promote respect for human rights and respect for life. “The proud will not be still: he enlarges his mouth like Sheol, he is insatiable like death.” (Habakkuk 2:5)

Prompted by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the Government of France has set forth several bills that diminish respect for human life. Two of these projects will have a major impact: authorizing “active assistance in dying”, i.e. legalizing euthanasia, and adding regulations to the French constitution to guarantee all women the “freedom” to terminate their pregnancies. These bills dangerously and disturbingly will enshroud France in a culture of death. Death is insatiable, as the prophet Habakkuk reminds us. It can both “seduce” humanity and present itself as “the solution”, while at the same time always seeking to destroy or further encourage self-destruction. This observation has been taken up by psychoanalysis: “We must consider the instinct’ of self-destruction as the expression of a drive towards death that manifests, without exception, during life.

On July 7, 2023, a hundred psychiatrists and psychologists warned the French government and civil society against “euthanasia fascination” and railed against the designation of administered death as “benevolent care.”      

As for the constitutionalizing of a “right to abortion”, here too the desire to become omnipotent within the human heart can only lead to a deterioration of respect for life. Here too, death is insatiable, claiming ever more victims on all the altars of a secularized society. 2022 was a record year for abortions in France: 234,300. One child in five never sees the light of day. How can we imagine that the laws under consideration will make death retreat in favor of life? God has given us a choice: “I have set before you life and death”. God has given us clear advice: “Choose life so that you may live” (Deuteronomy 30.19)! Let us pray that the French authorities will make this choice.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Let’s thank God for the work carried out by the French Association for Palliative Care (SFAP), as well as by numerous individual end-of-life caregivers and Christian hospice organizations.

Working everywhere in France and the French-speaking world, the CPDH conducts three or four action and communication campaigns aimed at public authorities each year, with the goal of encouraging Biblical Christian values in society.

The CPDH has campaigned hard for the protection of minors against pornography and has achieved numerous advances in this area. Their fight against prostitution had an influence even on national policy, such that French law now penalizes “clients.” In partnership with the American association Exodus Cry, the CPDH supported the screening – in Paris – of the film “Buying Her,” which denounced the evils of pornography and sex trafficking.

For CPDH, Christian unity is lived out through collaborations with other Christian organizations. That’s why the CPDH is involved in so many partnerships: with the CNEF, the Salvation Army, Protestant and Catholic family associations, Mothers in Prayer, etc. We respect each other and thank God for the talents and resources that God gives to each of us and allows us to share with one another.

The CPDH trains young people to respect others (by combating harassment, preventing pornographic consumption) and is preparing a campaign against human trafficking during the 2024 Olympic Games.

As a result, these 26 associations that came together have obtained the support of the French government, via the Mission interministérielle pour la protection des femmes contre les violences et la lutte contre la traite des êtres humains (Interministerial Mission for the Protection of Women against Violence and the Fight against Human Trafficking).

The ministry of CPDH has also successfully defended freedom of expression and religion for parents whose children attend schools wanting to impose yoga on the students and for athletes whose freedom of conscience has not been respected. 

Projects in 2024 
The CPDH is increasingly called upon to defend freedom of conscience, whether in the fields of economics, education or healthcare, because the “values of the Republic” have gradually moved away from a moral base that was once quite similar to that of the Christian faith. But with the secularization of Western society, the ministries of the CPDH and other organizations who work with governing authorities have become essential. In the face of the loss of public freedoms and the advance of an increasingly controlling and prescriptive secularism, the CPDH will need to find greater resources for the development of its work.

Prayer topics
1. Pray that the public authorities will heed the advice given by the CPDH and other organizations defending a respect for life.
2. Pray that French evangelical Christians will not lose interest in social debates but will bring the “light of life” (John 8.12).

Additional information
CPDH website: www.cpdh.org

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April 9 – Church networks

Alliance des Églises Chrétiennes Missionnaires de France (AECMF) – mainland France and overseas territories, Olivier Lo

Today, we begin Theme 2: THE FRENCH CHURCH 

Current context
The Alliance des Églises Chrétiennes Missionnaires de France (AECMF) has been in existence for over 45 years and is present throughout France, both on the mainland and in the French overseas territories. It represents 42 churches, 28 pastors and their spouses and 9 partner-workers such as church planters, evangelists and missionaries. We currently have 5 church plants underway and several students and trainees in preparation. 

Our activities focus on urban centers, and our mission is to make Jesus known to individuals, encourage current leaders, train new generations of leaders, and inspire the launching of new churches in a post-Christian secularized context. 

The AECMF is diverse but has an internal, transcultural unity as a church association. Setting aside cultural and linguistic differences, we are united in the proclamation of the Gospel. It’s a beautiful example of the unity that only Jesus can achieve within a society marked by divisions. 

Secondly, our church association lives out this unity in Christ alongside other church associations. This is what makes our witness credible in a country with little openness to the Gospel.

The Lord has helped to open the hearts and minds of everyone so that we can remain united in the face of adversity. The Lord has helped us to maintain unity within our churches, within our church associations, but also in the French evangelical world. Faced with government requirements for centers of religious worship, the Lord has helped our churches to stay on top of these legal requirements, so that the law does not hinder the proclamation of the Gospel.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Once again this year, the Lord has brought people from all cultural and religious backgrounds to join us, to accept Him as Lord, and to be baptized, while others have decided to pursue theological studies with the intent of entering the ministry. A new church plant was set up in a medium-sized town in France, in a department where we had no previous activities. We are grateful for these results, which may seem small, but in a highly secularized context like ours, every soul saved, and every small step taken is a treasure!

In 2023, a person began working with the leadership team. This person was a member of the church and recognized the Lord’s call to serve at the national level. And through this ministry, the individual discovered a diverse church united around Jesus. The individual could grasp how immense Christ’s work was, not only on a personal level, but also in the Church with a capital C.

Projects in 2024
This year, the AECMF will continue to strengthen itself in prayer in order to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to all those whom the Lord allows us to meet. The challenge is to stay focused on the essential, which is Jesus, his Word and his mission, and not get lost in our activities, problems, and shortcomings. The AECMF will also continue to revamp human resources, organizational structure and strategic thinking about future goals.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the leadership of the AECMF, that its director will be in good health and will be able to speak of the love of Jesus to other leaders and non-believers.
2. Pray that the Lord will use the AECMF and its director to be the source of a revival in France and a valuable tool for bringing people and churches together to proclaim the Gospel; to revitalize existing churches; to plant new churches; to raise up a new generation of Christian servants; and to give the greatest number of people the opportunity to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.
3. Pray that millions of people in France will accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, that their faith will have a strong and transforming impact on society, and that this revival, which begins in France, will have an impact worldwide.

Further information
1. AECMF on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/aecm
2. AECMF website: www.aecmf.fr

France VIE – Paris and surrounding area (75), Baptiste Margaillan 

Current context
France VIE plants churches in towns and regions of France where there is no evangelical church to proclaim the Gospel, to train and multiply disciples, and to grow as a network of churches. At present, the organization brings together a dozen ongoing church plants in various stages of growth.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
We recently began working with a new group of churches: the Alliance des Églises Évangéliques Indépendantes (AEEI). This has led to one of our church plants becoming a mega church (Méru Church in northern Paris). Working as a team gives us the opportunity to encourage each other and pool our resources. We have seen a mutual desire to work together, which has led to several joint projects. 

We see God placing people and organizations in our path. He is stirring in our hearts the desire to work more fully as a united force.

Projects in 2024
This year, we’re praying for two church plants in Paris and the Paris suburbs, and we’re looking to recruit church planters. In the future, we would like to develop a church plant project of several churches in the Normandy region, as there is a huge lack in this area.

Prayer topics
1. Our challenges include bureaucratic “blockages” and hindrances as well as a need to mobilize missionaries and recruit locally in France so that we can reinforce some of our existing teams.
2. Pray for new workers with a heart for church planting.
3. Pray that the different players in the French church will be able to come together to grow our resources (finances, trainings, diversity of ministries). 

Further information
1. France Vie on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/francevie 
2. France VIE website: www.francevie.fr

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April 10 – Church Planting Networks

Réseau Dunamis – Montpellier (34), Grégory Reyes

Current context
The Réseau Dunamis is a platform for relationships and resources to serve pastors, leaders, project directors and church planters and compassion workers in the French-speaking world. Its vision is to: 

  • Build a platform for collaboration, exchange, and partnership between different ministries.
  • Identify and promote the various tools and programs for ministry in order to foster synergy and collaboration among different French-speaking churches.
  • Form a relational network to birth, train and equip a new generation of leaders and project directors.
  • Encourage the planting of new churches and compassion ministries.
  • Bring together various French-speaking ministries with a mandate or burden to multiply disciples, leaders, churches and networks. 

The Dunamis Network is involved in 11 of France’s 13 regions, planting discipleship groups, churches and micro-churches. The network also has the privilege to connect with church planters from all over Europe to share resources and experiences and to accomplish Jesus’ mission together.

We are convinced that the great mission entrusted to us by Jesus can only be accomplished through the whole Church. Our learning communities are made up of pastors from all the denominations represented in France.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
This year, the Network:

  • Gathered over 200 pastors and project leaders, raising awareness of the need to multiply disciples, leaders, churches and networks.
  • Opened two new learning communities that welcomed 40 pastors and church leaders. 
  • Supported the planting of a church in the Paris region by a young couple and of a micro-church in a rural setting by a retired couple.

Projects in 2024
After Covid, many churches had an inward focus with the primary goal of regaining members who had left. The challenge this year is therefore to help the church reconnect with its missional vocation and to open 5 new learning communities annually, or 25 in 5 years. The goal is to train pastors to multiply disciples, leaders, churches and networks.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for a multiplication of churches and church planters in France.
2. Pray for the multiplication of financial resources that will contribute to the support and development of the church planting movement in France.

Further information
1. Dunamis network on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/dunamis  
2. Réseau Dunamis website: www.reseaudunamis.com 
3. Site Building a church: www.implanteruneeglise.com 
4. Décider d’aimer website: www.deciderdaimer.com 

Global Ministry Center (GMC) – Marseille (13), Björn Lütke 

Current context
The Global Ministry Center – GMC – is the missionary arm of the Marseille EPP church. Located in Marseille’s historic district, the GMC team has developed three areas of ministry: 

  • Organization of Gospel campaigns throughout France in cooperation with church planting projects     
  • Missions training in churches and in our Missions School, a three-month full-time program in Marseille to train evangelists and church planters     
  • Church planting training in cooperation with DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International)      

These three ministries serve the entire body of Christ in France.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
The GMC has carried out more than 70 missions in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Mulhouse, Avignon, Annecy and even in Guadeloupe, with the following results: 

  • 720 people in 22 churches were trained in evangelization and multiplication. 
  • 10,000 people heard the Gospel through our 68 Gospel-Sharing events, with participants from many churches. During the July 2023 Gospel-Sharing in Marseille, 3 ministries collaborated and members of 5 churches participated. 
  • 52 leaders were trained in church planting. Trainees come from a wide range of evangelical backgrounds and sectors. 

“A few years ago, we were able to proclaim the Word of God during a Gospel campaign with a young Afghan man. He experienced healing and gave his life to Jesus. He then shared his faith with Michel, who gave his life to Jesus. Michel took part in our Mission School this year. Today, he organizes evangelization efforts in several countries.

Projects in 2024
GMC is planting a new church in Aix-en-Provence. The project is well underway, with some 40 people meeting regularly to worship. GMC is now looking for a second location opposite one of the city’s universities.  

We want to see our school welcome more students. We believe that we will see, in 2024 and in the years to come, a multiplication of disciplers and church planters in France and Europe.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for more students at our Mission School in the year 2024.
2. Pray for more young church planters in France. We need more workers to go to the harvest, because the demand for discipleship and evangelization is great. 

Further information
1. Global Ministry Center (GMC) on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/gmc 
2. Björn and Brita Lütke on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/lutke 
3. EPP church website: www.epp-france.fr

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April 11 – Church Revitalization

Alpha Course – Paris (75), Éléonore Billot de Lochner

Current context
Today, Alpha is present in 700 towns and cities in France, with 8 types of programs: Alpha, Alpha Prison, Alpha Youth, Alpha Campus, The Marriage Course, Life Shared, Alpha for Parents of Young Adults and Alpha for Parents of Children.

“Behold, I make all things new (…)” (Isaiah 43:19). Just as Christ sought to awaken the Jewish people during his time on earth, so he continues to stir a reawakening in France and its church. How can we be a part of this? By letting ourselves be moved by his truth and his love and accepting his invitation to be part of sharing it around us. Yes, the church has been invited to come alive, to root itself more deeply in the Gospel, and to reach out to our world! Alpha’s vision is to see a reawakening of the church that will transform the world.

The Synod on the Future of the Church, organized at the request of the Pope within the Catholic Church, is an example of this kind of modern reformation. Title aside, the initiative invites Catholic parishioners everywhere to identify how the church must renew itself in order to reach the world and to see new church plants as a demonstration of this renewed Christian vitality in our communities. Inevitably, this process of renewal will be frightening, like all change.

Anyone who has ever tried to change the start time of a service or mass knows how much of a stir this can cause within a church! Renewal through total consensus would seem a virtually impossible task. But with the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can prevent disagreements from extinguishing the love we have for one another! We need to always ask God to increase our love for one another. 

What changed everything in the early church was receiving the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. “Peace be with you,” Jesus had said to them after his resurrection (Luke 24:36). This renewal will come through the peace, joy and strength with which the Spirit has already equipped us! 

The churches and parishes that organize Alpha courses all over France are actively seeking this kind of renewal. They are full of hope, brotherly love and faith. Sometimes they experience real, financial poverty, but this lack spurs them to rely more on Christ and to take action. They have nothing left to lose. Truly, what is there to lose in a country where the number of non-believers has surpassed the number of believers? 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
In 2023, the number of Alpha Journeys increased by 23%, reaching:

  • 3,000 families, to give them the keys to peaceful family relationships.
  • 8,000 young people, in search of meaning in life.
  • 20,000 people, some of them very isolated, whom we welcomed to a series of casual meetings, open to all, where we openly discussed the meaning of life.

The Gospel invites us to be one in Christ: our teams are made up of Christians from different denominations. What a treasure! We also help churches to become more aware of one another and to inspire each other, like Catholic parishes inspired the Anglican HTB Church, who first developed Alpha.

There are so many ways we can reach our world! We want to see more Alpha courses, and more fruit from Alpha courses. To this end, we have improved our training process. We are also seeking to develop more robust financial resources by rallying more donors around our work. 

“Some inmates cry. Often it’s the most hardened inmates because they discover that whatever they’ve done, they are loved and forgiven” (an Alpha Prison leader).

Laurent, who is in his fifties and very athletic, was “completely impervious” to the faith and mocked the Church. A childhood friend invited him to Alpha, and everything changed.

Projects in 2024
In 2024, we want to launch a missionary alliance, start-up Alpha courses in 7 new departments in France and modernize certain course tools. Between 2024 and 2029, we want to grow from 33,000 people reached per year to 55,000.  Come, Holy Spirit, open our hearts to your newness, and give us the boldness to renew ourselves as Christ’s Church!

Prayer topics
1. Pray that young people will be reached by Christ through Alpha.
2. Pray that the Lord will send us the resources we need to carry out his plans for Alpha. 

Further information
1. Alpha France on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/alpha 
2. Parcours Alpha website: www.parcoursalpha.fr 

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April 12 – Local Churches

La Cité Church – Paris (75), Frédéric Dalais 

Current context
In 2008/2009, while living and working as pastors in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Lord broke our hearts for France. Through the story of Nehemiah, and particularly the verse “Why should I not have a sad face, when the city where the tombs of my fathers are is destroyed and its gates are devoured by fire?” (Nehemiah. 2.3), we felt the Lord calling us to come and plant a church in Paris. We arrived in April 2009 (with our two boys, ages 6 and 3) and started the church in our living room, working full-time on the side. Little by little, by God’s grace, the church grew and today we welcome around 200 people every Sunday, including young people and families. 

La Cité Church is known for its warm welcome, the love that flows through it, its sense of community and authenticity and the simple way in which we preach the Word of God.

We are based in Paris in the 12ème arrondissement. Our church is also very active in the rest of the city, with 18 house groups, 2 young adult groups (youth and young professionals), and family ministries (men’s and women’s, parents and couples) and activities for the homeless.

We are also a base for several other churches in France. We host quarterly gatherings of pastors and leaders and an annual conference for churches in France.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
In 2023, we embarked on the process of buying a building. We moved into a permanent location in October 2023, but to stay was a 2-year journey of faith. Finding a space for Sunday worship and weekly church activities is always one of the biggest challenges that the local church in France faces, particularly in large cities.

We have so much to celebrate this year: 5 baptisms, 6 weddings, 9 additional house groups, and growth in attendance and declarations of faith.

We are part of a church network (Left Bank) in Paris. In January 2023 many churches in Paris came together to pray. It’s really beautiful to be part of the Christian landscape in Paris in this way. More recently, we were able to host an evening of worship with five other churches. It was so powerful to worship God together.

We see multiplication at every level – and we witness God working mightily among us. He provided miraculously to facilitate our first step in the purchase of our building, but we’ve also seen many miracles along the way. And since we’ve been at this location, we’ve seen God touch hearts in extraordinary ways. We feel like we’re living a miracle.

Projects in 2024
In 2024, we want to see leaders raised up and sent out to plant other campuses or churches in Paris and France. We’re also very eager to reach young people in our area and to work with families on developing healthy marriages and becoming good parents.

Prayer topics
We’ve seen a lot of growth this year within our church and through our Paris Epicentre project. But it’s also put a lot of pressure on us. 
1. Pray for resources, both human (leaders to support the work load) and financial.
2. Pray for the spread of the Gospel in the 12ème arrondissement of Paris and beyond.

Further information
1. Paris Epicentre on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/paris-epicentre
2. Paris la Cité on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/paris-la-cite 
3. Cité Church site: www.egliselacite.com

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April 13 – The Church in France: a long-term vision

Conseil National des Évangéliques de France (CNEF) – Paris (75), Erwan Cloarec

If the CNEF has one mission, it’s to bring together in solidarity the evangelical churches and organizations that exist in France! 

Today the CNEF (Conseil national des évangéliques de France) unites 33 church associations and 180 parachurch organizations as a spiritual body – a body rooted in the Gospel, fueled by the Holy Spirit and of whom Christ is the head! To operate as a network of churches is first and foremost to think of ourselves as a living body, a “big picture” expression of the church of Jesus Christ in France. 

Put another way: the CNEF’s purpose is not fundamentally to network in order to serve the best interests of its members, or to be more effective in representing them or even to evangelize France. Its primary, unfaltering purpose is to express the unity that is possible among us when we are hidden with Christ in God, to the joy of the Father, and, thus, to manifest Christ to the world “so that the world may believe (…)” (John 17:21). At the CNEF, we believe in the power of this unity and the witness it creates. We are praying for this. 

We also prioritize how Jesus says to establish this unity. Our organization wants to be a coming together of those who keep the Father’s Word (John 17.6). We are praying for this too.

We believe that this kind of faithful commitment to the Gospel does not lead to comfortable complacency, a “holy huddle,” but instead to going wherever Christ sends us into the world that God loves. As Jesus emphasized: “I do not ask you to take them out of the world, but to keep them from evil. (John 17.15) The CNEF wants to encourage and inspire a missional fervor and zeal (united as one on mission to live out and proclaim the Gospel) in our country. We are praying for it! 

God wants to do great things in our country. And He will do it through His people. The CNEF, as the life force behind this huge network of churches, exists to promote the witness of the Gospel in word and deed, everywhere and in all spheres of society, but most notably through planting new churches and strengthening existing ones. As a spiritual body, we aim to stir up the whole evangelical community in France so that they live out a missional vision and lifestyle within their spheres of influence. As a catalyst, it ensures that this missional impetus is concerted at both national and local levels in France. 

Prayer Topics
Pray that the fervor of this network will spread throughout the country to the joy of the Father and for the advance of the Gospel; we believe that God is at work in France!

Additional information
CNEF website: www.lecnef.org/page/170867-le-cnef

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April 14 – Theological education

As we begin WEEK 2, please read aloud our verse of the week: 2 Timothy 2.1-2:

“Therefore, my child, strengthen yourself in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful people who are able to teach it to others as well.”

We are also beginning Theme 3: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT

Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology (FLTE) – Vaux-sur-Seine (78), Christophe Paya

Current context
Since 1965, the Faculté Libre de Théologie Évangélique (FLTE) has been training students from France and the French-speaking world for ministry in churches and other organizations working to proclaim the Gospel in France. Based in Vaux-sur-Seine, the FLTE is a private higher education establishment that passionately trains leaders for the church and for missionary work.

The students come from all parts of the French-speaking evangelical world and get to know, understand, and respect each other during their studies. Afterwards, they come together on the French-speaking mission field, which strengthens the unity established as students.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
We have seen an increase in the number of students, the development of new courses and deeper partnerships with churches.

A major project to renovate our campus is also underway, which has required additional manpower and financial support. We also want to contribute to the birth of new ministries: a wonderful but complicated task!

We want to see students who feel called by God mature in the discovery of the precise ministry that God has for them as they study.

Projects in 2024
This year, we are developing a strategic 5-year plan to completely renovate and upgrade our campus and to grow student enrollment in anticipation of future development and need of the churches in France.

The Lord has answered our prayers by enabling a significant number of Christians to begin training for ministry; He is also helping our faculty to work together. 

Prayer topics
1. Pray for a new generation of Christian leaders who take biblical and theological education seriously.
2. Pray that churches will invest in training leaders to preach the Word.

Further information
1. FLTE on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/flte
2. FLTE website: www.flte.fr 

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April 15 – Discipleship at work

C-PROACTIF – Paris and surrounding area (75), Anne-Marie Husson

Current context
C-PROACTIF is a ministry dedicated to training believers to be disciples of Christ in the workforce. It operates everywhere in the French-speaking world, offering seminars, training courses, support groups and prayer meetings through an online network. It also has a physical presence through face-to-face discipleship groups. 

C-PROACTIF was launched in 2016 in response to an important need to bridge the gap between “spiritual life” and the “secular world” and to empower every Christian in his or her own individual ministry in the kingdom. In order to regain the spiritual dimension of work and to see work as ministry, Christians need to view work and its meaning in light of God’s Word.  This is the foundation for living as disciples of Christ, impacting the society with Gospel values and being a powerful, transforming witness of the Good News. 

C-PROACTIF’s mission is to raise up a group of disciples who bless society in all the professional arenas. This mission is for all Christians and for the whole church, not just one denomination. That’s why we welcome diversity in our members’ Christian backgrounds and seek to forge ever stronger partnerships with other Christian movements. 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
This year, we saw the number of groups multiply and reach new regions of France, including Strasbourg and the Mediterranean.

We were also encouraged by a growing openness among churches: we had the opportunity to teach at a ministry conference (Strasbourg), during a weekend for churches, and also at the Institut Biblique in Nogent-sur-Marne. 

We see God’s support for this ministry through : 

  • The favorable reception it has received from different church denominations.
  • A continual influx of new members who hear about us by word of mouth.
  • A team of volunteers eager to take on ever-greater responsibilities.
  • Partners with whom we can work in a complementary fashion.

After one seminar, the local church community responded by  reworking its modus operandi to allow each person more time and space to minister outside the church, in the secular world. And we hear stories regularly from people who have found new inspiration, or who have experienced a complete professional reorientation, because they have aligned their professional life and God’s call upon them.  

Projects in 2024
Our vision is for every church in the CNEF network to develop a vision for work as ministry and to offer them the means of equipping their congregations through discipleship groups, seminars, special worship services, dedicated weekends, etc. We also want to reach out to the next generation by developing programs for the youth in our churches. 

Prayer topics
1. We are facing growth challenges: we need to add new skill sets and team members in order to be able to respond to the needs. Pray for a stronger team who can meet the expectations of the churches and individuals who seek our help. (     We are currently understaffed.)
2. We want to see God change the church’s self-centered mindset and lead it to invest in the needs of the world (Jeremiah 29.7). Pray for transformation in its thinking so that the churches of France develop a vocational vision for every child of God.

Further information
1. C-PROACTIF on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/c-proactif
2. C-PROACTIVE website: www.c-proactif.org 

Advocates France, Juristes & Chrétiens French cities including Toulouse (31), Nancy Lefèvre 

Current context
Advocates France is a network of legal professionals (jurists, lawyers, notaries, professors, etc.) created in 2004 to provide encouragement and support to members as they face the challenges of their professions and to help them take action as one unit in order to promote justice, the rule of law, religious freedom, peace and reconciliation and human dignity. Their goal is to advance the Gospel through the law together, to inspire Christian lawyers to be a Christian presence in the legal world, and to have a positive impact on justice in France. 

A member of the CNEF, Advocates France does not shy away from its evangelical Protestant beliefs while also accepting the diversity of Christian denominations and organizations.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Advocates France has consistently supported its members through:

  • Bible teaching, prayer, and conversations.
  • Round-table discussions and conferences on current legal issues related to bioethics (beginning of life, end of life, trans-identity, Medically Assisted Reproduction [MAP], and Surrogate Motherhood [GPA]) with speakers in these fields.
  • An annual retreat with some forty jurists, including 11 students near Lyon, on the theme Life according to God.
  • Organization of national days in Paris and consolidation of a relational and spiritual network for member professionals.
  • Development of a prayer-support network with sister associations in England (Lawyers Christian Fellowship) and Germany (Christ and Lawyers).

Projects in 2024 
This year, we hope to bring together more than 60 Christian lawyers to celebrate the organization’s 20th anniversary with an event in Paris and to reach out to more students and young professionals who see their legal profession as a gift from God for His service.

In the coming years, we aim to strengthen Christian legal professionals and students to be witnesses for Christ in and through their profession; to support new ministries and leaders; and to establish sustainable financial and human resources. 

Prayer topics
1. Pray for Christian jurists in France who are aware of their call to seek justice.
2. Pray that they will be in their God-given places and radiate their witness, especially to students, and that they will be an audible voice on societal issues.
3. Pray for the Board of Directors and volunteer teams, for wise decisions on priority actions this year, for people to take over from them and for the necessary financial resources.
4. Pray that we remain united so that we reflect Christ through our profession and in the legal world.

Additional information
Advocates France website: www.advocatesfrance.org 

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April 16 – Disciple-making at home

Martin Luther King Church (MLK) – Créteil (94), Malcolm McLoughlin

Current context
At MLK Church this year, we had the privilege of experiencing weekend celebrations with around 5,000 people attending in person and over 45,000 people joining online. Posts on our social networks were viewed over 3 million times. 

Our main challenge is to accompany the growth that God is sending us: we want to give everyone the opportunity to meet Christ personally in this place of refuge that is our MLK church.

Faced with having to refuse entry to people on weekends and repeated requests to “bring MLK to us,” God gave us the idea of setting up MLK embassies all around the world. By 2022, we had opened 53 embassies. In 2023, over 90 ambassadors went through training. The purpose of the embassies is to transmit MLK’s core values (Diversity, Grace, Innovation, Transparency and Excellence). 

Our vision is to enable everyone to:

  • Feel loved by God and by their brothers and sisters in Christ. 
  • Love Better by being invited to grow and be molded into the image of Jesus in action and character. 
  • Love more so that we can serve our neighbors and accomplish the works he has prepared in advance for us to do. 

The goal is to enable everyone to grow and deepen their faith in and understanding of God by walking out a path of personal growth. The embassies are an excellent tool for discipling the growing online congregation of MLK Church and helping individuals to connect and grow together, but at their own pace.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
By 2023, over 70 embassies had been created. Ambassadors register through an app that shows locations in need. They are then trained and supported as they set up their embassy. Embassy groups meet to watch a message broadcast by MLK Church and then enjoy a time of communion together, like the early church did. 

We see people who would never dare enter a church hear God’s message of love for them and experience the family welcome of an MLK embassy. Those who have been wounded by a sometimes-complicated church past find themselves in a safe setting to heal and reconnect with God. Through the embassies, we see: 

  • Christians who were neighbors but didn’t know each other discover each other and come together to praise God. 
  • Christians from different backgrounds cross denominational boundaries to live out their faith with other believers because of geographic proximity. 
  • Renewed unity in Christ, which makes inviting friends and family much easier.  
  • God at work in our teams as well as his protection and provision. He has inspired new ideas of ways to reach the unreached and those who have drifted away from him. The connections God has enabled are incredible. For example, several ambassadors who had individually prayed not to be alone in New Caledonia found one another and have been comforted and encouraged by God through the MLK embassies.

Projects in 2024
Our goal is to continue supporting existing embassies and to train and open 200 additional embassies in 2024, so we can reach and help more than 4,000 people. 

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the recruitment and training of current and future MLK ambassadors. May God raise up the right people.
2. Pray for a generous and beneficial partnership with local churches.

Further information
1. MLK on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/mlk
2. MLK embassies on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/mlk-embassies 
3. MLK Embassies website: www.eglisemlk.fr/ambassadesmlk 

Discipleship in the public space
Mobile Teams – Marseille (13), Manuel Reichör

Current context
Équipes Mobiles, based in Marseille, plants and develops local churches in France through training, coaching, mentoring and the organization of missions, events and social actions. 

The project works on three fronts: proclaim, train, multiply, and on three levels: one by one, small groups and small events, churches, and large events.  

We act by sending, proclaiming and passing on what we ourselves have received, and by training as many people as possible to do the same, so that the earth may be filled with the presence and knowledge of God through people.

During Gospel proclamation campaigns, a multitude of churches are brought together to reach more people: “If we want to reach cities, regions or the entire nation, the Church must unite, have a broader vision of the Kingdom and work together to reach the lost.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Last year, Équipes Mobiles carried out 113 projects, including 22 training courses, 22 church meetings and 68 Gospel proclamation events in Avignon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Strasbourg, Le-Puy-en-Velay, Mazamet, Issoire, Le-Chambon-sur-Lignon and Guadeloupe. 

In all, 720 people were trained, 9,565 were touched by the Gospel and 347 made their first decision to follow Jesus!  There were also many healings, deliverances, and baptisms. 

“People are being supernaturally saved. God guides people through dreams and words to us wherever we are preaching or sharing the Gospel. For example, a man who was in prison and living a life of crime felt led in his heart to go downtown to the rotunda in Aix-en-Provence. At that moment, a team from our ministry was preaching the Gospel through small voice amplifiers. The man was immediately challenged. He repented, was delivered from drug addiction and was baptized. He found a job and a place to live, and his life was transformed!” 

Projects in 2024
This year, Équipes Mobiles would like to:

  • Train 1,000 more people to multiply disciples and proclaim the Gospel. 
  • Carry out 200 projects/initiatives.
  • See 600 people decide for the first time to follow Jesus. 

In five years’ time, we plan to train 16,000 people and run 3,200 projects/initiatives.

Our challenges are as follows: 

  • Religiosity blocks the vision of multiplication, and tradition stands in the way of equipping and mobilizing every believer. 
  • Administrative difficulties prevent us from obtaining permission from government authorities to host public events.
  • We struggle to obtain the financial resources needed to expand our teams and carry out certain projects.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for good soil that bears 30, 60, 100 times more fruit.
2. Pray for more religious freedom within the church so that multiplication occurs more widely. 

Further information
1. Manuel and Darja Reichör on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/manuelreichor 
2. Mobile Teams project website: www.togetherweplant.com 

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April 17 – Sports and Olympic Games

Sport et Foi – Paris (75), Jean-Pierre Mihaljevic

We are beginning Theme 4: SPORTS, MEDIA, AND CULTURE!

Current context
Sport et Foi is a ministry of Agapé France, whose vision is “to see people who love sports love God.” Our organization is also part of the Go+ France coalition of evangelical ministries and churches. 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Sport et Foi is present in 15 major French cities where, every week, activities are carried out on sports fields to share Christ, teach and live out our values together and love people. We attach great importance to partnerships and to unity in the Christian world, and we know that sports can unite people and move them in the same direction.

Sports are a powerful tool for sharing and living out the realities of the Gospel. They bring people together wherever and however they are played. We want to help churches use sports as a remarkable tool for making disciples. Every year, we are privileged to see lives transformed by God through the ministry of Sport et Foi. 

Projects in 2024
Our goal is to work with the Protestant and Catholic churches in France during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. We want to show that Christians can unite to bless all spheres of society in France during this event. We hope that, through this unity, our witness will encourage our society to seek God.

We’re involved in setting up the Olympic Games chaplaincy in cooperation with representatives from all over the Protestant world. We are also involved in the organization of a huge celebration and benediction ceremony for the Olympic Games on May 8, 2024, with believers from all over who represent the diversity that makes up the French church. 

Our biggest challenge is paying attention to the different sensibilities of believers within the body of Christ and finding a way of working together despite these differences. The Olympic Games are a good opportunity to experiment with unity in a low-stakes project. And if it works, why not try it again!

An agglomeration of Christian charities, churches and organizations have come together under the banner of Ensemble2024. The aim is to mobilize and encourage the Christian world to carry out evangelistic, social, cultural, humanitarian, educational and environmental projects to bless France during these 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We hope to build a legacy that will enable Christians to continue to be involved in all spheres of society, especially sports. We hope that the chaplaincy work of the Olympic Games will subsequently lead to a dialogue with the various authorities in France and raise awareness of the importance of offering “recognized” spiritual guidance to athletes.

Finally, Sport et Foi hopes, in the wake of these Olympics, to encourage churches to set up athletic ministries for its members so that they can help “see people who love sports love God.”      

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the unity of the Protestant chaplaincy in the Olympic Village and for the difficulties with the Olympic Games organizing committee, which does not understand what “non-partisan” really means in the context of religion.
2. Pray for Ensemble2024, so that as many organizations, charities and churches as possible come together to bless France before, during and after the Olympic Games!

Further information
1. Go+ France on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/gofrance
2. Sport et Foi website: www.sportetfoifrance.org 
3. Go+ France website: www.goplusfrance.fr 
4. Ensemble 2024 website: www.ensemble2024.com

Holistic Sports – Rennes (35), Joël Thibault

Holistic Sports France has a threefold missional plan of action to reach the French-speaking world of sports: 

  • Sport chaplaincies in French athletic clubs and at major sporting events     
  • Spiritual discipleship of top athletes (listening, mentoring, Bible studies, evangelism)     
  • Sharing the Christian faith through the creation of relevant resources (books, podcasts, videos) and the organization of conferences on sports and spirituality      

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Twenty or so conferences on the theme of sports and spirituality were organized during the year in numerous private Catholic schools. Every week, we organize several prayer and sharing sessions with top-level athletes to support them in their calling. 


  • Athletes walked as disciples and dared to witness to those around them.
  • Thousands of schoolchildren heard the Gospel and were given the opportunity to take home an Eternal Victory New Testament, which also includes 40 testimonies from top athletes. In 2023, over 2,000 books were donated!

We were able to organize and coordinate the first sports chaplaincy service in France during the Para Athletics World Games at the Charléty Stadium in Paris. Feedback from the organizers has been very positive. We pray that doors will open to serve disabled athletes at other events in France.

During the World Para Athletics Championships, God miraculously provided accommodation for a team of 14 French and international chaplains. 

Thanks to financial donations, we were able to print 20,000 Eternal Victory New Testaments. Three thousand were distributed during the Rugby World Cup by partner churches and Christian organizations in France. 

Projects in 2024
We are working on the development of sports chaplaincies everywhere in France but especially the Paris 2024 Chaplaincy Project in partnership with the French Protestant Federation. We are working together on the advisory committee, the training of future chaplains and the mobilization of experienced chaplains.

We hope that athletic clubs and sport associations will holistically consider the needs of top-level athletes.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for more top athletes who play for God’s glory and make disciples of Christ in the world of sports, whether during the Paris 2024 Olympics or the championships in France.
2. Pray for even more opportunities to share the Gospel through these “sports and spirituality” conferences in schools across France.
3. Pray that 20,000 athletes will be transformed by reading the Gospel and will walk with Christ.

Further information
1. Holistic Sports on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/holisticsports
2. Holistic Sports website: www.holisticsports.fr 

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April 18 – Media and radio

Tresormedia – Romans-sur-Isère (26), Jean-Micaël Saltzmann

Current context
Tresorsmedia is an association that has been working in France for over 60 years to proclaim the Gospel in a variety of ways and to help churches. With its paid staff of two and some 50 volunteers, Tresorsmedia operates three arms: 

  • Broadcasting and Distribution, represented by the tresorsonore.com audio listening and download platform (18,000 free mp3s related to the Christian faith)     
  • Témoignage (Witnessing), which produces and distributes free tools. This branch manages the ResKP (survivors) collective, which has been traveling the roads since 2015 with a 90-minute “show”-style Gospel program based on young people’s testimonies.
  • Production and service, with Tresorstech, a collective of technicians who provide free assistance to churches with audiovisual need.

We tour throughout France with the ResKP (survivor) collective, giving an average of twenty performances a year. Each ResKP show ends with a call to salvation, and in 2023 we saw a great many audience members respond favorably. 

We also offer free training with Tresorstech whenever a church requests it.

With Tresorsonore, we regularly get feedback from people who are touched by what they hear or strengthened in their faith. French-language radio stations also use our recordings. Several churches have been encouraged by the help Tresorstech has been able to give them.

Everything we do is the result of cross-denominational cooperative efforts. All our members come from evangelical churches everywhere in France. It’s in our association’s DNA to work this way. We work in all types of churches and at all kinds of events. We believe that the Gospel is for everyone, whatever their background. 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
The ResKP team was invited to present its program to 2,800 young people and teenagers at a major convention. The main challenge is still to have a large enough team to respond to the various invitations. The second challenge is financial, as all our services (Tresorsonore, Reskp, Tresorstech) are free, so we remain dependent on the donations we receive. These were down this past year.

Despite the drop in donations, we have never lacked for anything and have been able to pay expenses and plan for growth. One donation, for example, provided all the funding for a new boiler for our facilities.

In terms of personnel, the Lord has brought 6 new young people (out of 26) to join the ResKP collective this year.  

Marine connected with us 3 years ago in the midst of a season of her life where she was experiencing depression and searching for God. During the first interview, she gave her life to God, was baptized and then joined the ResKP team in order to bear witness to what Christ had done in her life. She shared the Gospel with her fiancé, who accepted Jesus as his Savior, was baptized, and joined our organization as treasurer.

Projects in 2024
Part of our vision is to extend ResKP’s ministry into the French-speaking world (and beyond) with project leaders in each country. To achieve this goal, we are now partnering with another missionary organization (WEC).

Prayer topics
1. Pray that whenever the Gospel is proclaimed through ResKP, people who answer the call will join a local church and become disciples.
2. Pray that our team will receive all God’s wisdom to manage the work and continue to develop it for ever greater impact.

Further information
1. Tresormedia on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/tresorsmedia 
2. Tresormedia website: www.tresorsmedia.com 

TopChrétien – Internet/World, David Nolent

Current context
As an Internet ministry, we are active in every city in the world. TopChrétien’s mission is to share God’s message of Love and Forgiveness with the whole world and to encourage Christians to grow in their faith and to become and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
In 2023, we are managing: 

  • An average of 250,000 individual users every day, across all our channels: web, apps, radio, SMS and social media. 
  • 10theo.com, a theology platform bringing together some fifteen theological institutes and faculties. 
  • The ConnectMe app (ConnectMe.top), a tool for the multiplication of disciples that involves numerous partners.

We also started the Cärys Network, which is now supported by several partner organizations. At one particular Cärys gathering of project directors, managers and entrepreneurs, I noticed a man off by himself. I decided to go and introduce myself. He told me his name was Laurent and that he had seen the ad for the event on TopChrétien. I introduced him to other entrepreneurs and discovered several weeks later that Laurent was at the end of his rope that night: his business was bankrupt, and he was having suicidal thoughts. The gathering had been a breath of fresh air for him, a new start. Today, his business is doing well, and God has blessed him with a wife. Glory be to God!

Projects in 2024
Our dreams and prayers for 2024 are:

  • 1 building     
  • Over 100 partners     
  • More than 1,000 churches planted by our partners     
  • Over 10,000 project directors, managers      and entrepreneur     .
  • Over 1,000,000 trained disciples who train at least one other disciple     

Prayer topics
We have noticed a decline in donations and donors. However, God has provided in surprising ways through specific people, and He has also confirmed and directed through supernatural guidance.

1. Pray for more financial partners.
2. Pray for discernment so we can carry out the projects God has given us. 

Further information
1. TopMission on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/topmission 
2. TopChrétien website: www.topchretien.com

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April 19 – Culture and publishing houses

La Compagnie des Actes – Paris (75), Dan Hoang

Current context
Since 1998, Compagnie des Actes has presented the message of the Bible through live shows, videos, podcasts, CD books and art camps.  We have been invited to perform in churches of all Christian denominations, as well as at youth gatherings and in schools. To date, over 80,000 people have been reached by our performances.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Nearly 1,000 people were reached by our conferences and performances, with over 10,000 listening to our podcasts. Our “awareness” conferences are organized by churches of various evangelical denominations and Catholic schools. Actors and tech team members come from all evangelical denominations and from both Catholic and Protestant churches. 

Throughout France in 2023, we performed:

  • Le porno, mieux vaut en parler qu’en regarder, a conference on pornography addiction awareness and prevention.
  • Live shows: Il était une foi and Esther.
  • Podcasts for kids: Put your listening heart into it, on all listening platforms.

God’s help was undeniable in what we did. Truly, every event we produce is the fruit of His help, but we especially see His hand in sending partners and volunteers and providing financial donations and contacts for venues.

During one of the conferences on pornography, we saw a father confess his addiction; he is now fighting against it while his wife cheers him on. We also witnessed a little girl freed from her fears about school.

Projects in 2024
We have a deep conviction that God will help us produce the podcast Mets tes écoute cœur and develop a series of videos unpacking the letters of the apostle Paul.

Our challenges for this year are: 

  • Mobilizing of churches to organize events or participate in our productions     
  • Putting together a team of artistic supervisors and locating a community manager or graphic designer for our visual communications      

Prayer topics
1. Pray for funding and performance venues for Mets tes écoute cœur podcast stories.
2. Pray for funding for the videos on Paul’s letters.

Further information
1. CDA on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/cda 
2. La Compagnie des Actes website: www.lacompagniedesactes.fr 

BLF Éditions – Marpent (59), Tim Kyle

Current context
We thank God for the ever-increasing number of Christian books distributed in France and throughout the French-speaking world.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
In 2023, we again experienced the blessing of a year of strong growth at BLF Editions. Our books were distributed throughout the French-speaking world, with the overall number up 30% from 2022. Two projects in 2023 made a big impact: 

  • The first project was the distribution of our very first BLF plush toy – a sheep that reads audio books to children! Our sheep provides hours of screen-free listening, for a true literary experience. The BLF Sheep contains all the BLF Editions children’s books recorded to date – over 30 of them! We’ve already distributed hundreds of them in just a few months, and the feedback has been extremely positive. Fanny, a mother, recently told us: “My daughter goes to look for the sheep as soon as she gets home from school. She falls asleep on her own every night listening to the stories, and in the morning, she does the same. She can’t leave him. It’s their little moment. We’ve talked with her about it, and this morning at breakfast she declared: ‘I love Jesus because he loves me; he’s my friend’“.
  • The second project was the launch of Qu’est-ce que tu crois? an accessible Gospel sharing book by French author Benjamin Eggen. We have a particular interest in books written by French-speaking authors. The style of this book is direct and playful: it seeks a closeness with the reader, and in just a few pages the author presents the essentials of the Christian faith to a friend who has asked him the question: “And you? What do you believe? A Christian, Théo, told us recently: “I’ve read it, and I must say I’m surprised, because I find it hard to read books. But this one I read in two or three days. That’s a record! God has put it on my heart to offer it to my colleagues at work. And God has already opened the first door. A colleague came to see me at work and asked me some questions. I was able to offer him this book“. Thousands of copies of this book have now been distributed throughout the French-speaking world! 

Projects in 2024
Our goal is always to help French-speaking people nurture a passion for God by distributing excellent books, whether they be children’s books, books that explain the Gospel for those who have not yet had an encounter with Christ, spiritual living books or easy-to-understand Bible commentaries for French-speaking Christians. 

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the BLF “snuggle buddy”: that by listening to the audio books with their sheep, young and old alike will be able to understand the Gospel message.
2. Pray also for the distribution of the book Qu’est-ce que tu crois? – that thousands of readers will be touched by its message. 

Further information
1. BLF on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/blf
2. BLF Editions website: www.blfeditions.com 

Alliance Biblique Française (ABF) – Paris (75), Nicolas Fouquet

Current context
The mission of the Alliance Biblique Française is to help people approach the Bible with an open mind so that they discover the richness and relevance of the Bible, apart from preconceptions of proselytism or doctrinal bias. Hence our mission: “Putting the Bible within everyone’s reach.” Interconfessional, we serve all Christian denominations. The Alliance is the French branch of the Alliance Biblique Universelle, a consultative partner of UNESCO, which is a global network of Bible societies active in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

The Alliance Biblique Française works in three areas: translation, distribution and solidarity. We operate approximately ten projects per year. Some are one-time projects; others are repeated annually. Since we frequently create tools that local churches and associations can use, our projects appear in all parts of France.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
We donated 2,000 New Testaments and Psalms to hospital chaplains for distribution to patients at their request. We welcomed several hundred people to our site during Heritage Days to show the public our collection of 2,500 old Bibles. New Explore the Bible groups have been started to study the Bible and understand it better.

Projects in 2024
The Alliance Biblique Française is coordinating a number of projects for the Paris 2024 Olympics and has succeeded in bringing together partners from different Christian denominations and confessions. “This project is a wonderful opportunity to work in partnership and bear witness to the unity among Christians,” says Fred Menigoz, President of Go+ France. ZeBible brings together 11 Christian youth organizations. The Bible is what brings Christians together. It’s important for us to show unity in our projects.

We have a lot of projects to manage, but our team is actually quite small. It’s a constant challenge to manage all the projects at once. Human and financial resources are a real challenge, but we’re confident that God can provide beyond even our wildest dreams.

At the Alliance Biblique Française, we like to partner with other organizations, as each can bring its own expertise to the table. Once again this year, we saw God at work as He led and opened doors. We were able to collaborate with hospital chaplaincies, prison chaplaincies, numerous sports movements and more on our projects.

Roselaine, a participant in a Face aux traumatismes support group (a project in which a group studies the Bible with the purpose of healing trauma): “I was delighted to go through this program on trauma and healing. Being able to talk about my suffering helped me to keep walking with God, something I couldn’t do before, even though the Lord was in my life. Nor did I know what forgiveness was. Admittedly, I still have things to work on, but this program has put me on the right path.”

Kanoumba, a listener of the Au commencement podcast: “Bravo for this wonderful way of introducing people to essential biblical texts. It’s very well done, it’s well read, the music is well chosen and it stays close to the sources. A balm for the heart in these troubled times when we need so much to nourish the soul. Thank you for all your hard work and for adapting it to the needs of our times. Long live the French Bible Society!”

At the Paris 2024 Olympics, we’re going to give away 130,000 New Testaments that include testimonies from athletes to Christian sports movements and to churches for free. We want more French people to have a Bible in their homes, to read it and to be transformed by it.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the New Testaments project during the Paris 2024 Olympics – that everything will continue to fall into place. Pray for protection from terrorist attacks.
2. Pray for hearts to be transformed. We don’t just want to hand out Bibles for the sake of statistics, but we want to see hearts transformed.

Further information
1. ABF on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/abf
2. Project New Wills for the Paris 2024 Olympics on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/parisgames 
3. ABF website: www.alliancebiblique.fr 

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April 20 – Jewish background

Today we start to pray through Theme 5: PEOPLE FROM OTHER RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS

Jews for Jesus (JPJ) – Paris (75), Josué Turnil

Current context
The organization has three main branches:

  • Individual or group discipleship support for people of Jewish heritage and evangelistic events     
  • Anti-Semitism efforts (organization of conferences, collaboration with the CNEF, participation in solidarity events with the Jewish people and Israel)     
  • Visits to evangelical churches to help them share the Gospel with the Jewish people and show how the Messiah is present in the Jewish feast days     

Our activities take place mainly in Paris, but also on the Côte d’Azur, as well as in Switzerland and Belgium. We have organized dinners, open-air concerts, a camp for children and teenagers, testimonial outlets for Holocaust survivors and Hebrew classes, among other events and activities.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
We’ve had the joy of seeing 12 people come to faith in Jesus over the past 2 years, with nearly half of them in the last year. We’ve seen growing participation in all our activities.

An organization run by a North African believer, who teaches on Islam and Christianity, comes in and uses our facilities, and we are working closely with the CNEF to draw up a charter between evangelical Christians and Jews in France.

We have encountered virulent opposition from leaders of the Spanish-Jewish community while interviewing Holocaust survivors. They sent emails to discourage all their members from attending our events and the survivors from testifying. One survivor even received a call from a rabbi. This opposition has given us many opportunities to talk about our faith, and we have forged long-lasting relationships with many survivors and their families. We also thank the Lord for the Internet, which has enabled us to make contact with many people who are looking for answers.

Mireille’s (not her real name) maternal grandmother was Jewish, but she converted to Catholicism at an early age. Mireille married a traditional Jew, with whom she had two children, and recently accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. She is very happy to have found a path that does not negate her Jewish roots and prays that her husband and children will have the same experience.

Projects in 2024
We want to see many couples like Mireille and her husband  one a Jew, the other not – find unity in Jesus; we also want to see Messianic Jews and JPJ be recognized as fully part of the Jewish community.

Prayer topics
1. Pray that all those with whom we have contact will turn to Yeshua; pray for one particular synagogue with which we have an excellent relationship, that we will have more opportunities to witness to its members.
2. Pray for our finances, that God will continue to provide.

Additional information
Jews for Jesus website: www.juifspourjesus.org 

Muslim background 

Mosaïque, Écoute et Partage – Paris (75), Saïd Oujibou

Current context
Mosaïque, Écoute et Partage is a multi-disciplinary, evangelical Protestant inter-church ministry. Its staff work alongside cooperatives, local churches and Christian organizations to make the Gospel known to Muslims living in Europe, to integrate new believers into the Church, and to build up the body of Christ.

Its efforts in the mission field date back to 1997. Today it has more than 23 “casbah” groups in which new believers are supported through Vie Nouvelle training to become disciples who will in turn train disciples. More than 60 partners work with our program in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Over 1,200 people have been trained, and more than 900 Gospel campaigns have taken place through local churches.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Our vision is to: 

  • Give every Muslim in France the opportunity to hear the Gospel, using culturally appropriate language, as a contextualized message.
  • Make all believers true disciples and help them enter into the flow of spiritual multiplication in order to bring the Gospel message to their families and      the      spheres of influence where God has placed them.
  • Enable each person to discover and contextualize the Gospel message in order to live a life of discipleship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

 Our mission is threefold:

  • Winning: sharing the Gospel in a relevant way, in deed and word     
  • Training: providing the basis for discipleship by setting up evangelization projects (theory and practice)     
  • Sending: leading campaigns to share the Gospel and train trainers, so as to set up a process of multiplying disciples     

Our trained staff are sent out into all major French cities, and we work in synergy and partnership with all local churches and other Christian organizations, to bring a message of hope to vulnerable city neighborhoods and to be a blessing to the residents. 

Projects in 2024
Our association wants to continue to: 

  • Serve local churches and Christian organizations.
  • Increase their awareness and train them to better integrate new believers from different backgrounds.
  • Serve others by offering 30 years of experience, tools, ideas, strategies, literature, training and seminars.

Our mission includes the following ministries: Agapé Mosaïque, UNACF (L’Union des Nord-Africains Chrétiens de France), IEP (L’Institut d’Éthique Politique), Macasbah.net, La Casbah and Mozaik débat inter-religieux.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the situation in the Middle East, and for God to ease the tensions that are interfering with our work with Muslims in France. Pray also that the evangelical Christians in this conflict have wisdom. 
2. Pray that our discipleship trainings will grow and that we can develop a national strategy as well as a program specific to the Ile de France. Pray for the June 18 gathering, where we’re expecting 5,000 young people.
3. Pray for the Olympic Games, during which a team of 80 people will be mobilized for two outreach events to prostitutes and to run a program with specially developed sport activities and participation of Christian athletes in six vulnerable neighborhoods. 

Additional information
Agapé Mosaïque on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/agapemosaique

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April 21 – The Homeless

As we begin WEEK 3, here is our verse of the week: 1 John 3.16-18
“This is how we have come to know love: Christ laid down his life for us; we too must lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. If someone who possesses the goods of this world sees his brother in need and closes his heart to him, how can the love of God dwell in him? Little children, let us not love in word and tongue, but in deed and truth.”


Mission Évangélique Parmi Les Sans-Logis (MEPSL) – Paris (75), Gilles Boucomont

Current context
La Mission Évangélique Parmi Les Sans-Logis has been present in the Paris region for 57 years. Although its main focus is on the homeless, it also opens its doors to other vulnerable groups. We offer medical services, hairdressers, meals every day of the year, clothing resources and permanent mailing addresses, in addition to worship and Bible study. Our ministry is grounded in unity in Christ as we work alongside one another: Pentecostals and Reformed, Darbyists and Lutherans, charismatics and salvationists, and Baptists and non-denominationals. 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Since Covid, our service capacity has had to double, because on Saturdays, for example, we serve not 80 but 150 hot meals, which challenges our production capacityWe are in the process of making available a “Bible de la Rue,” which has been created in partnership with the Alliance Biblique Française to provide people living on the streets a Bible tailor-made for them. Every day we see God’s favor on our work, as we have no idea what provision will come more than 48 hours (maximum 72 hours) in advance. 

Projects in 2024
In 2024, we want to help urban areas other than the Paris region to organize so that they can experience partnerships like the one we have in Paris among churches in service to the poorest. 

Prayer topics
1. Our main challenge is to keep up with growing demand and with rising expenses; our donors are also affected by inflation, sometimes having to scale back their donations. 
2. Pray for the renewal of human and financial resources, which is a weekly challenge. 
3. Pray for in-depth evangelistic work among people living on the streets who ask for prayer support.

Further information
1. Bible de la Rue on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/biblerue
2. MEPSL website: www.mission-evangelique-parmi-les-sans-logis.fr 

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April 22 – Refugees and migrants

Reconciliation Center – Lille (59), Christian de La Roque

Current context
In France the social system enables people in precarious situations to receive assistance from the State, local authorities or state-subsidized organizations. However, there are also people who do not qualify for help from any of these entities.

The Centre de la Réconciliation, whose motto is “Helping the unsupported,”      works all year round for these people. Our center receives no subsidies from the public authorities and depends on donations from individuals, organizations, or foundations moved by these situations. The members of the Centre de la Réconciliation come from the evangelical churches of the Lille area, and the volunteers form a much larger network.

The Centre de la Réconciliation grew out of La Réconciliation Church. But as our services are for the whole metropolitan area and the churches there, the members of the Reconciliation Center now come from several of Lille’s evangelical churches. Many of the young people who have been cared for by the Reconciliation Center are actively involved in many evangelical churches in the Lille area.

We currently:

  • Support 160 unaccompanied, foreign minors awaiting recognition of their minority status with tutoring services and provide housing for 14 young people.
  • Shelter around 100 homeless women and children.
  • Manage a second-hand clothing store.
  • Manage two shared flats for 25 Christian students who support the work of the Reconciliation Center.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023

  • Tutoring for 46 young people and housing for 45 young people.
  • 48 women and 50 children sheltered instead of homeless.
  • A second-hand clothing shop which, starting this year, helps to provide clothing for women and children.

The blessing is to be able to welcome Christians who find themselves in situations in which no one can help them because of their status as migrants or displaced people. For example, a Christian mother from Nigeria, whose children had been taken away from her because she was on the streets, was taken in and her children returned to her. There is also a minor from the Congo, who is now able to breathe after serious trauma, is currently taking courses to discover the faith and is involved in a local church.

We really see God’s hand through the renovation project of our accommodations where the young people stay. This project was costing a great deal of money, but we have seen God provide everything we need for it.

Projects in 2024
We hope to finish refurbishing the housing unit where 14 young people are staying and to be able to hire a director for the site. Our challenge is to find a balance between our limited resources – mainly in personnel – the work we must do, and the needs that are greater than our abilities.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for relations with the authorities in our country who are upset that we are dealing with these situations.
2. Pray for wisdom in managing our resources in light of the work we have to do and the needs that are greater than our abilities: May God lead us.

Further information
1. Solidarity Boutique on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/solidarity-boutique
2. Reconciliation Center website: www.centreconciliation.net

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April 23 – Prisoners

Gospel Action Production – Eure-et-Loir (28), Yannis Gautier

Current context
Our activities are focused on sharing the Gospel, particularly in prison environments, where we regularly meet practical needs and share the Gospel. We also work through churches – preaching, training and other activities – to spread the Gospel. Social media is an essential part of our work. 

On average, we operate two programs each month, whether in churches, prisons, or elsewhere.

Today, Yannis Gautier’s 1.3 million followers benefit daily from a wide range of resources, including videos, live shows and online trainings.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
We have carried out several ministries to prisons in France, Côte d’Ivoire and Madagascar, such as distributing Bibles, supplying food and basic necessities and baptizing new believers. Thousands of inmates chose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior this year. At the same time, we also led several programs in the churches. 

We were recently invited to Blois prison for a conference organized by the Catholic chaplain, who has an excellent reputation with the prison management. This event, designed to highlight our unity, enabled us to share the Gospel with the entire prison leadership, including the prison director. He even decided to feature Yannis’ testimony in the newspaper distributed to the inmates.

In Côte d’Ivoire, we are also carrying out evangelism campaigns in partnership with several churches, with the aim of promoting the love of God that unites us. Through one of these events, we had the opportunity to meet Madame Gbagbo, former First Lady of Côte d’Ivoire, and to pray for her.

As a GAP association, we are deeply committed to unity as a pillar of our mission. We believe that unity in Christ transcends our differences, enabling us to work together with strength and compassion. It unites us in our diversity, reflecting the richness and beauty of the body of Christ. Our aim is to embody this unity in everything we do, whether it’s sharing the Gospel, engaging in community service or supporting those most in need. We are convinced that, working together in Christ, we can bring about significant and lasting change in our society.

A highlight of 2023 was our mission to Madagascar’s prisons, organized at the invitation of the country’s president. We had the opportunity to interact with over 4,000 inmates, all of whom chose to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Such a result can only be the Lord. 

Without a doubt, God has been present throughout 2023, providing us with the resources we need to carry out our work. Unexpected support has strengthened our financial ability, thanks in particular to Impact France. We close this year with a heart full of gratitude. 

Projects in 2024
Our aim is to develop digital training courses and a Christian resources app to support believers. We also want to work closely with chaplains, so that they can benefit from our experience and be strengthened in their effectiveness. Moreover, our passion for sharing the Gospel “in person” remains strong, and we desire to contribute as an active member to pre-existing coalitions and ministries in order to reinforce the work they are already doing. 

We faced major financial challenges in 2023. Each Gospel proclamation and service program, particularly in African prisons, represents a substantial cost to us. In France, another challenge lies in obtaining the necessary permissions to enter prisons. Prison authorities have become more demanding, partly because of the principles of secularism and the rise of radicalization in the prison environment.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for a revival in our country’s prisons. 
2. Pray for the churches, that they may rediscover a passion for spreading the Gospel and that leaders and ministries will rise up to serve God.

Further information
1. 1 book 1 held on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/1book1inmate
2. Yannis Gautier website: www.yannisgautier.fr 

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April 24 – Youth

Foyer Évangélique Universitaire France – FEU – Lille (59), Pascal Hermann


Current context
The Foyer Évangélique Universitaire (FEU) in Lille welcomes students from all backgrounds, including many international students. Our work is summarized by three missions: Gospel proclamation, edification and the church. 

We want to share the Gospel in an understandable way with as many students as possible during their time in Lille, and we also want to help them grow in their faith, by connecting them with a church in the area.

Our team is made up of people from several partner churches who work full-time, part-time, or as volunteers. We all have different gifts, and it’s great to see that everyone can find a place: whether it’s teaching, discipling individual students, organizing Gospel-sharing events or something else. This also reminds us that we need humility and understanding because we all work differently.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
This year we saw God’s hand clearly through French Corner, French language workshops for international students. Two students wanted to learn more about the Bible to better understand the art on display in European museums. Some members of our team worked together to create a survey of the Bible using the biblical texts that have inspired works of art such as Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam throughout history. This project led to deep discussions around the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ. Some students wanted to learn more and attended the Alpha Course and a reading of John’s Gospel.

Projects in 2024
We want to maintain the momentum of 2023 by stabilizing existing teams, while trying to meet the needs of other cities.

Prayer topics
1. Pray that we can stabilize the FIRE teams in the different cities in France. After our annual all-teams retreat, we realized that we needed to share our burdens and ideas about how to manage work alongside ministry, how to help families with young children and how to maintain our vision when working with several team members who are not full-time.
2. Pray that FIRE Lille can meet the needs of other cities that are asking for FIRE.

Further information
1. FIRE Lille project leader on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/herrmann
2. Site le FEU: www.lefeu.org

Agapé Campus – Corte (2B) and other towns in France, Aaron Robinson and Sophie Delay

Current context
The CNEF youth network: Agapé Campus has participated in this network from the beginning. Since 2019 we have met twice a year for two days to form connections, share ideas, pray for our common challenges and build a network of ministry workers and church associations who want to invest in the youth. Thanks to these relationships, we now know more about what each person does. We are regularly invited to share our skills, tools      and approach to training and mobilizing young people for Christ at youth gatherings that are organized by our partners. These meetings also help to diversify the guests on the Nos 2 Centimes podcast, which seeks to broadcast inspiring conversations that exhort students in their personal lives and relationships through a Christian worldview. 

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
Daniella*: Walking beside students in their journey with God.

Daniella is a Christian student who joined Agapé Campus Rennes after finding the group through social media in 2021. Persuaded by Stéphanie, a team member, to take part in the Camino 22 summer project, she joined students from all over France to walk for six days on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. It was a big step of faith for her to take on this physical challenge with eight strangers. Thanks to the discussions with the other participants during the hours of walking, and to their conversations about the Bible, Daniella became more confident in her walk with God. At the start of the school year, Stéphanie met up with Daniella again and challenged her to join the Rennes group of student leaders, which she did! This was another step of faith for her, but it shows how important the journey is in accompanying students along their walk with God.

*First name changed

Marianne’s story*: The importance of relationship when sharing about Jesus.

Marianne, a medical student with a Catholic background, contacted Jeannette, a team member from Montpellier, after having had a discussion about spirituality with her friend. When Jeannette met Marianne, they talked about the Gospel message, using the Agapé brochure Knowing God Personally. And Marianne prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior! After just a few weeks of initial Bible studies, Marianne has begun to share her faith with those around her!

*First name changed

Projects in 2024
We want to continue to meet students’ needs but within our means.

Prayer topics
1. Pray that God will help us to be relevant and bold in reaching students who are searching for meaning and hope, both online and on campus.
2. Pray that young French people under the age of 30 will join our team as reinforcements in the various cities.
3. Pray that God will strengthen student leaders to use their lives to shine among students who face major identity issues and struggle with mental health challenges.

Further information
1. Agapé Campus website: www.agapecampus.fr
2. questions2vie website: www.questions2vie.com

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April 25 – Children

École l’Envol – Serres-Castet (64), Serge Santander

Current context
The education of children in France has become extremely problematic. France has for a long time been among the top five countries worldwide in terms of education but plummeted to 23rd in the 2023 international PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) ranking. This has become a true national crisis, leading to the resignation of our Minister of Education. Although the process has been going on for years, it’s getting worse.

Against this gloomy backdrop, a glimmer of hope has appeared in the form of non-contract schools. Although still using the French national education curriculum, non-contract schools have much greater flexibility. Teaching teams have more choice of methods and staff. As a result, educational results are far better, and sometimes even surprising.

Unfortunately, the evangelical Christian community in France is not yet fully aware of this amazing new opportunity. There are very few Christian schools in the whole country (only about twenty). Yet, in the midst of this desert, an incredible, innovative, promising and exciting experiment has blossomed. The methods and approach of non-contract schools represent a completely new structure, with results beyond expectation. This model could “teach” the whole country, but to do so it needs prayerful and financial support. By God’s grace, this educational structure has succeeded in taking root in certain places. We need to pray that it will be adopted throughout the country, blessing all of France.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
I’d like to tell you more about the experience of l’Envol School, located in southwest France, at the foot of the Pyrenees and close to Spain. This extraordinary school was prayerfully planned, prepared and hoped for over the course of 7 years, opening its doors in 2017 with 23 students and 2 teachers. 

September 2023 marked the school’s 7th year, with some 80 pupils from kindergarten through the end of middle school. The school employs 15 people, most of them committed Christians. 

The founders, themselves committed Christians, took a risk by making Christian teaching optional, to enable a broader public to attend the school. This risk has paid off, with over 50% of pupils attending the “spiritual moment” of the school day, although only 20% of children come from evangelical backgrounds, with the rest being from Catholic, Muslim or Jewish families and many more having no religious background whatsoever. We can talk freely about Jesus and salvation at our school and teach the children to pray. It’s a real joy to preach to innocent, open hearts.

Projects in 2024
Our operations are still a huge battle, because we have to cover 100% of the school’s expenses, including teachers’ salaries and social security contributions and the school’s operating costs. The school receives absolutely no government support, not a single cent. Today, after 7 years of existence, it’s time to take this model a step further and establish it elsewhere. The prospect of seeing a generation of children come to know and talk to Jesus is enormous. I would add that another benefit is to see children with severe learning difficulties learn alongside children with high intellectual potential and not be bullied. However, we would like to provide financial assistance to all the families who would like to enroll their child(ren) but are unable to do so for financial reasons. This is a new pioneering avenue to be explored.

Prayer topics
1. Pray for the opportunity to plant our school model elsewhere.
2. Pray for a generation of children who have learned to know and talk to Jesus.
3. Pray that we will be able to provide financial support to more families of modest incomes who wish to enroll their child(ren) in our school.

Further information
1. Envol 64 on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/envol64 
2. Envol chool website: www.ecolelenvol.fr 

Association ESPERE, manager of La Buissonnière Christian school – Saint-Aunès (near Montpellier) (34), Nathalie Vesin

Current context
We believe that one of the main reasons why France is a country so deeply rooted in atheism and humanism (and all that goes with it) is education. 

We want to change this through Christian schools, which act as incubators for evangelizing society and making disciples. We want to pass on God’s wisdom to our students: we want them to be intelligent but also to bear good fruit, to have character, to develop a right philosophy of life, and to have a relationship with God.

Our organization runs the La Buissonnière Christian school near Montpellier. We also want to open a preschool and a middle school.

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
The effects of Christian education, especially in our country, are like ploughing: the results are children with well-tilled hearts, who are trained in and familiar with the Word of God, gradually understanding spiritual issues. They love and respect Jesus. 

Our school model creates opportunities for witnessing to non-Christian families and also to the authorities and other people involved in the school.

The school is a real “platform.” Unity in Christ is important because:

  • We need to pass on this spirit of unity to our children; we want to instill respect for Christians of different denominations in their hearts.
  • We need the contribution of everyone’s talents to move forward with our work.

We face logistical and financial challenges: in France it’s important to make the Christian school accessible to all families who want it, whatever their income. Our fees are therefore often very low, and we receive no government subsidies. But despite the difficulties, we’re grateful because God has always provided through donations.

In 2023, we were invited by many churches in the region to share about our work. There’s a growing interest in Christian education, which has provided us with lots of contacts and people getting involved and filling various positions. Furthermore, the city authorities are taking a greater interest in the school.

The most visible impact is in children from non-Christian families. Lino didn’t know Jesus. Now he prays fervently every morning and talks to his parents about Jesus. His mother is amazed to see her son so interested in Jesus. His little brother heard the Creation story one morning and immediately recited it by heart, praising God!

Projects in 2024
We believe that God will expand the school, either by enabling us to acquire additional facilities near our current building, or by relocating. This will enable us to open a middle school and preschool. 

Prayer topics
1. Pray that Christian schools become a priority for all the churches in France.
2. Pray that God will cause École La Buissonnière to flourish and give us the wisdom and resources to direct it for His glory.

Further information
1. La Buissonnière on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/la-buissonniere  
2. La Buissonnière school website: www.ecolelabuissonniere.fr 

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April 26 – Christian schools in France: a long-term vision

Association Internationale des Écoles Chrétiennes (ACSI) – Saint-Louis (68) (South of Alsace), Daniel Neuhaus 

Current context
ACSI – Francophonie is the French-speaking office of the worldwide network of Christ-centered schools (The Association of Christian Schools International). It is located in Saint-Louis, south of Alsace. Our network’s mission is to equip teachers and Christian schools and encourage them in their dual mandate: academic and spiritual ministry. Three-fourths of France’s 40 evangelical schools are members of ACSI, as are all the Instruire.ch network schools in the French-speaking regions of Switzerland and one-third of the schools in Belgium’s Walloon region.

Our programs and services are mainly: school visits and consultations, educational resources, trainings, seminars and conferences, national and international networking events, etc. Evangelical Christian schools are located primarily in the Paris region, Alsace, the Rhone Valley and the Southwest. 

School principals are happy to be part of a global family of Christian schools. They benefit from being listened to, encouraged, given answers to their questions and supported in their challenges. Our motto is: “Stronger together!” Parents regularly ask us to find schools for their children that share and teach moral and spiritual values. 

Collaboration and synergy between French-speaking Christian educational networks and associations are growing, adding to our strength and bearing witness to Jesus Christ. New school projects reach out to us for advice and support. On a personal level, all four or our children are involved, reaching churches in Alsace’s four main cities!

Actions taken and results achieved in 2023
We regularly see answers to prayer, particularly in the recruitment of teachers, the provision of facilities and financial donations. For example, one school needing a bank loan had experienced several refusals but received an extraordinary grant after their request was published on the internet during an ACSI World Day of Prayer for Christian Schools. They opened their new facilities with great joy and gratitude last spring.

“A tree is known by its fruit,” Jesus said. A 4-year-old pupil at a Christian school in Strasbourg looked me straight in the eye and said: “I’m a child of God, just like you are – even adults are children of God!” Lives have been transformed, and many former pupils are now living for Christ and involved in local, national or international ministries: they are pastors, singers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, architects, directors and presidents of Christian organizations.

Projects in 2024
The challenges faced by schools and parents are mainly financial (no school within our network benefits from state funding, unlike in other European countries), and inspections are becoming stricter (because secular authorities cannot understand our values and spiritual teaching). Recently, many parents have been denied the right to homeschool, following the tightening of state laws.

Prayer topics
1. Pray that pastors and churches will realize the importance of Christian schools and support them with all their might so that they experience this mutual blessing.
2. Pray that, despite growing challenges, schools will stand firm and grow in quality and quantity.

Further information
1. ACSI France on the Impact France website: www.impactfrance.org/acsifrance 
2. ACSI Francophonie website: www.acsieurope.org/cms/fr

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April 27 – The Olympics and Unity in Christ 

Matt Glock 

On the banks of the Seine, just below the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find a countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This countdown tells the city, the country and the world that the start of the Olympic Games is approaching. And as we consider the ineluctable progression of time, another question follows in its wake: “Will you be ready?” The athletes are getting ready, as are the Paris Olympic Games Committee and the various host cities. The Olympic Games mobilize thousands of people.

Many churches, ministries and individuals in France and elsewhere are also preparing for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. They are aware that this event offers an unprecedented opportunity to serve their communities and contribute to the momentum of the Olympic Games. Activities and programs range from supporting athletes through chaplaincy to providing a place to sit or a glass of water for fans waiting for the next competition. There will be concerts and games for children, immersive art exhibitions and community festivals. These activities also vary in scope. Some will seek only to contribute to the celebration, others will offer an opportunity to consider the truths of the Good News of Jesus Christ. New Testaments designed especially for the Games and including athletes’ testimonies will be distributed, along with hundreds of Christian books. There is also the “other side” of the Olympic Games, from which the vulnerable are excluded and where lives are exploited solely for others’ pleasure. There are ministries that will serve those who are excluded or will highlight the human trafficking that takes place during the Olympic Games.  

Ensemble 2024 was created to demonstrate the values of the Kingdom of God and express the unity of believers. The objectives of this movement are as follows: 

  • Promote the spread of the Gospel in a culturally relevant way during the Olympic Games.
  • Facilitate round table discussions – “spheres” – to bring people together in France, to help them think about things in a different way and to inspire them.
  • Encourage and connect leaders so that, through healthy collaboration, we can support their efforts in the most effective way possible, maximizing the Kingdom’s resources.
  • Contribute to a cohesive, working environment between ministries and the local church, leaving a legacy of cooperation that will continue after the games.

Prayer requests: 
1. Unity in Christ: We want our unity in Christ to be evident in the way we work together and towards those we serve.
2. Confidence in God’s action: Eugene Peterson writes in The Contemplative Pastor: Returning to the Art of Spiritual Direction

“The assumption of spirituality is that God is always doing something before I know it. The task, then, is not to get God to do something I think should be done, but to become aware of what God is doing so that I can respond to it, participate in it and rejoice in it.”

May we have the ability to see what God is doing and respond accordingly: 

  • Prepared hearts: May God use our efforts to bring the truth of the Gospel to those He has prepared. May many come to faith.
  • Lasting fruits: May the lessons learned from our cooperation during the Olympic Games produce lasting change in the way churches and ministries work together for the cause of the Gospel in France.

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April 28 – Keep the Unity

Thank you for joining us in unity and in praying for unity over the past three weeks!

Prayer is an essential part of tearing down strongholds and allowing God’s truth and glory to resound throughout France. As you read in this prayer guide, there is much work to be done for the cause of the Kingdom! We encourage you to continue to pray for these ministries– especially as the Olympic Games approach.

At Impact France, we believe in supporting our French brothers and sisters year-round! 

That’s why we not only mobilize prayer for our French partners but also manage donations on their behalf. We believe that each gift, combined with faithful prayer, multiplies and amplifies the impact of each ministry partner. Giving is when the fire of our prayers unites with the generosity of our hearts to ignite action. If you would like to continue to pray throughout the year for France, please visit www.prayforfrance.org. 

Right now, the greatest need is to support ministries on the ground that are participating in the Olympic Games next month! If you would like to contribute to one or more of these projects, please visit our website: www.impactfrance.org/paris24.

In Christ,

David Broussard
President, Impact France

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