Keep Praying for France!

Join our Partners and thousands of believers who are Praying for France during the Olympics!

As we celebrate the arrival of the flame of the 2024 games, we invite you to join us as we follow a Bible study plan proposed by our partners Go + France and Top Chrétien on the theme: The Light of God.

Discover the truth from God’s Word on this theme following along the flame’s 16-stage “Tour de France” and learn how we can pray for the different regions it crosses during its voyage from May 8 to September 9, 2024.

Join us as we hear from sixteen authors, one for each stage, as they share about the Light that is more precious than gold!

Topics will be activated on a map as the flame passes through the associated regions, including:

  • Rekindling the flame within us
  • The Flame of the Spirit
  • Your light shines before men
  • Hope in the darkness
  • You are bearers of light
  • Walking in the light

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