Pray for France will be April 12, 2020 - May 2, 2020


The following organizations are the principle partners of Pray for France

Impact France

Impact France (US) is the leading partner in the United States for Pray for France.  Impact France facilitates and encourages active Christian philanthropy and intercession for Evangelical churches and ministries of France.

Objectif France

Objectif France (FR) is dedicated to intercession for France throughout the year.  OF was birthed in 1997 when Pastor John Mulinde of Uganda came to Paris to deliver a pressing call from the Lord, exhorting the People of God to humble themselves, pray and seek His face on behalf of their nation. He subsequently returned each year to renew that call.

In 1999, a committee was set up to call Christians to begin the new millennium with 40 days of fasting and prayer for France.

During these 40 days, Mr. Jacky Minard, an evangelical Christian, met with a UK-based pastor responsible for mission, who was planning to initiate 40 days of fasting and prayer for France at global level in 2001.

To ensure that this intercession was targeted and united, he wanted to produce a prayer guide with key information about our nation. In addition, prayer pointers would be sent each day by e-mail to the many participating Christians around the globe.

This endeavor needed a coordinator in France. Objectif France (a non-profit association) was founded to fulfill that purpose.

The Objectif France association is evangelical and works with churches of all denominations. A committee of key people from various backgrounds meets regularly to seek the Lord for direction and collaborate on prayer initiatives throughout the year.

In 2001, more than 2 million Christians joined with us to intercede for this nation, and the response in France surpassed all expectations.  The initiative was so well received that Objectif France decided to continue this mobilization.

 Sentinelle de Prière (The Watchman Prayer)

What is exactly the watchman prayer?

It is not a new idea, nor a new method to bring revival.

It is simply a group of people who answers to God’s call, that is: “Pray continually”

It is a wall of prayers, of continuous prayers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everybody knows that it’s impossible to pray all this time.

Therefore, each person of the group prays one hour every week.

A pastor had a vision. God showed him His desire to have a continuous altar of intercession in Leicester in England, and then in four towns around Leicester, in the middle of England. In England, more than 18 walls of prayers began in less than 3 years and a half. England was in fact an access for God in Europe.

Then, this plan reached Germany, where the airport of Frankfurt is called: “ the access to the European continent.” There are now several walls of prayers in Germany.

For several months a French pastor Emmanuel Duvieusart, sought to answer the calling of Jesus to “Pray continually.” After a word God gave the church during a week of fasting and praying in September 2002 in Andrezieux, Pastor Duvieusart heard about this programme of prayers and adopted it in France.

Today, hundreds of people are committed in France. They pray for a great revival in France.

Unlimited Prayer Frontiers

Unlimited Prayer Frontiers was established by South African believers that have been involved in several projects into France, including ministry work and prayer tours.

They have developed a passion and desire to see the French nation return to God. As South African Huguenot descendants they have discovered the rich spiritual heritage that came to South Africa through a small group of French Huguenots that landed in the Cape from 1688.

It has become their goal to invest back into the French nation through prayer and other endeavors, so that the French might rediscover the pure faith in God that once flourished in their land.

As Huguenot descendants we believe it is our duty and responsibility to pray for our land of origin. When the nation of France rejected the move of God 300 years ago the world was enriched by the numerous believers that fled to other countries. As explained in Romans 11 the French (just like the Jews) have caused the nations to be blessed through their rejection of God.

Rom 11:12 (AMP)
“Now if their stumbling (their lapse, their transgression) has so enriched the world [at large] and if [Israel’s] failure means such riches for the gentiles. Think what enrichment and greater advantage will follow their reinstatement!”

We believe that the world will be enriched in a much greater manner when the French receive God. God still has a great end time purpose for France and we want to contribute in seeing this becoming reality.

France is seen today as a country needing re-evangelization. Secularization has become a movement in France of which the sole objective is to confine faith and its expression to the private sphere. Today, barely one percent of the French nation can be counted as Evangelical Christians. We therefore believe it is time for the spiritual children of France to return to the soil of France and re-ignite the hearts of the French with the revival fires that had to leave France 300 years ago.