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How Pray For France Got Started

During a meeting of Christian business leaders in 2006 in a Christian bookstore in Lyon, David Broussard saw a “Prayer Guide for France” published by the French group, Objectif France. Looking through the material, he believed that he found the perfect catalyst for prayer that Impact France was looking for – a concise guide, created by the French, for the purpose of united intercession. Impact France’s first prayer guides were therefore translations of the Objectif France prayer guide. 

When, in 2015, Objectif France discontinued their annual prayer campaign, Impact France followed the wise advice of David’s wife and began to solicit its partners and friends of the ministry in France to compile a list of prayer requests and information on ministries in different areas of society. The prayer guide attracted so much attention in France that Impact France decided to publish its own French guide!

Top Chrétien became an invaluable partner in sharing the guide among a large number of French-speaking Christians. It now enjoys wide distribution through missionary networks, English speakers living in France, and the ministry contributors themselves – without which we would not be able to mobilize nearly as many people as we have! If we can mobilize prayer it is only through those who actively share the content!

2009 to 2024 Prayer Guides

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What our Partners are Saying…

Feedback From Participants

I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit with me as I prayed, giving me additional words from my heart as I prayed for the people of the given day. My heart was especially moved to pray for the Muslim refugees who are living in France at this time. I also was moved to see all the faces of those whom you support in France. Now the faces of them come to mind as I pray, not that I can remember all of them, but especially the single women living as missionaries in France. I am repeating the 21 day prayer on my own. I have a burden for France.
United States, 2021
“The campaign is a fulfillment of something The Lord laid on my heart back in 2002. I was led to Impact France through a Christian radio station and thereby was connected. The interesting part is I had begun praying for a ministry like Impact France before its inception. We are part of a great movement of the hand of God!! Praise His Holy Name!”
United States, 2022
I have often prayed that God would use me as an answer to my own prayers. This year, God used the campaign to bring clarity to our own calling to be a part of what He is doing in France.
United States, 2022
Thank you for putting together the Pray for France campaign. It is vitally important to mobilize saints around the world to pray for a mighty moving of God’s Spirit to sweep across this beautiful country that many here may come to know the redeeming love of Christ. Thanks again for helping make that happen.
United States, 2022
The Holy Spirit is moving in France, and I am encouraged at what we do not yet see. The cold hard enemy is being defeated by the prayers of believers. France will be saved!
United States, 2022
I’ve been praying daily for revival in the world for some time now, and France is one of the countries I mention by name. Since reading about the government spying on the evangelical churches in France, I have added to that prayer that everyone the government sends will hear the gospel clearly and be saved.
United States, 2022
My friends and I are planting a church in Paris this year – God placed it on my heart several years ago, to contend for the mountains of society in France – this prayer tool confirmed a prophetic vision of God longing to restore these areas of the nation.
United States, 2022
Very encouraged by the sense of support from the church in the USA. We often feel quite small here. Being involved with PFF meant learning about all the great things the Lord has in hand through His church in France.
France, 2021
I found that I could pray so many of the prayers for the U.S. also!
United States, 2021
“I realized that the USA needed these same prayers so I would do parallel prayers for France and the USA.
United States, 2021
I really appreciate learning more about programs in place in France and the challenges they face, it helps me pray more emotionally and knowledgeably. It changed my heart for France.
United States, 2021

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