Why France?

France has a divine calling

Clovis became king of the Franks at the age of 15 and had to consolidate the Kingdom, beset by numerous attacks from other pagan clans. Widower of a first marriage, he became involved in a second marriage with the Christian princess Clotilde who shared the Gospel with him. In a stalemate during the battle of Tobliac in 496 and not knowing how to escape defeat, he appealed to his wife’s God, promising to abandon his gods and surrender to Him, if He granted him victory. He would have cried out on the battlefield:

“Jesus Christ, son of the God of Clotilda, if you will give me victory over my enemies, I will be baptized in your name!”

Shortly after this imploration, the king of the Alamans is killed and the Francs win the battle. Respecting his commitment, Clovis was baptized at the end of 498 along with 3,000 of his warriors by Remy, the Bishop of Reims. This one will say the day before his baptism:

“Learn, my son, that the kingdom of France is predestined by God to defend the Church of Christ Our Lord. This kingdom will be great among all the kingdoms of the earth. In as much as it is loyal to its calling, it will be victorious. If it proves unfaithful in this, it will be punished harshly. Nevertheless, it will remain until the end of time.”

France is still in a spiritual battle

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Will You Stand With The French?

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