From its very beginning, God has had a plan and a special calling for France.

“The kingdom of France is predestined by God to defend the Church of Christ Our Lord. This kingdom will be great among all the kingdoms of the earth. In as much as it is loyal to its calling, it will be victorious. If it proves unfaithful in this, it will be punished harshly. Nevertheless, it will remain until the end of time.”
-St. Remi at King Clovis’ baptism in 498.


France is on the front lines of a spiritual battle

Did you know that:

– Church attendance is one of the lowest in Europe (6-8%)?

– 80% of French people have never owned or even seen a Bible?

– There are approximately 50,000 full-time practitioners of occult arts (tarot, fortune telling, psychic healing, etc) but only 35,000 full-time Christian workers in France?

– Evangelical Christian believers account for only 1% of the population?

(Source: Operation World)

Will you stand with the French?

The light that shines where it is the darkest shines the brightest.  Let’s unite in prayer and allow Jesus to shine HIS light through French believers.

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